“Underground House Music”

Welcome to Fish House Music, we are a underground house music label based in Ottawa Canada. In 2014 we decided to bring back something that the underground house¬† scene was starting to lose… it’s Jack!.¬† Mid 2015 we finally got the ball rolling to bring Fish House music to the world. Focused on pushing a sound that label owners Shannon & Scott love.

If you are looking for booty bumpin house tracks, Fish House Music is the place for you. Artists already signed on include Scott Morter, Ryan Truman and B.Jinx, all pushing that sound you know and love.

Fish House Music prides itself on bringing back that jackin house sound that has gradually disappeared over the past few years. A strong arm in A&R dedicated to the sound the owners know and love so well, you can be assured Fish House Music will be at the forefront of this revival.

Funky House Music

While mainstream house music is slowly sounding more and more techy or even boarder line trancey in some cases. Fish House Music is dedicated to bringing you real funky house music. We love our jackin sound but keep things real and know we are more on the funky house music side of things. But what the hell is wrong with that? Funky jackin tracks…!! Artists like Funk Protectors, B.Jinx, Ritmo Du Vela and Serge Gee not to mention Lipptrixx and label head honcho Scott Morter bring so much fun and bounce to the label its easy to see why folks all round the world are loving our stuff.

While the label is the back bone of things we are gradually pushing the brand in other directions with focus on our Rodcast series as well as something new coming to 2017 which is going to revolutionize house music and the way its seen across multiple formats. Keep an eye on all things Fishy right here on Fish House Music,


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