Fish House Music

Fish House Music is a label designed to keep things underground…..

The label first started in 2014 but wasn’t rolled out digitally until 2016. Started by two house heads who just had a passion for good music of the jackin variety. As the old jackin house sound slowly left the scene and carbon copy disco boots ruled supreme it was time to be proud of the older style jackin and keep it alive. Signing artists and good friends who share the same ideas on jackin house has always been something we are proud to do.

The label based in Ottawa, Canada is also looking to support up and coming artists and locals who are in the same mindset as us. Our team is built around Shannon co-founder and A&R manager as well as Scott Morter who really just keeps to himself producing and doing some PR work. Shannon and Scott met through house music and had their first date at the Fish House restaurant in Portland Oregon. It was only appropriate that they call their label Fish House Music as it was the place both their loves came together.

Fish House Music has a journey and a lifestyle to keep alive with a growing fan base and catalog expect FHM to be a staple in record collections and digital carts around the globe.

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